Rental Generators Power Live Music at Wilderness 2016

Following the huge success of powering a local festival with over 26 rental generators and associated equipment, Powerhire were asked if they would be prepared to provide rental generators and fuel tanks for the main stage at another festival at Cornbury Park in Oxfordshire during the first weekend in August.

Powerhire were of course delighted to work with Innovation Power again and our Technical Sales Manager discussed the allocation of rental generators and fuel tanks to provide power to the main stage at the Wilderness Festival. Wilderness was born in 2011 with five thousand people celebrating the arts and outdoors in an ancient landscape. Brought to you by the creators of some of the UK’s finest and most celebrated events, it’s inception was one of bringing together reciprocal talents: passion to build transformative experiences with a deep love of artistry and artisans. Wilderness has been through a journey of cultural wonders in the rolling Oxfordshire countryside. The festival now strikes a balance between relaxation and revelry, artistic refinement and simple pleasures. This year they opened up more acres to camp on, invited more artists to the stages than ever before as well as having a private nature reserve with spring fed lakes that visitors were able to relish in …mind blowing!

Following the discussions of the required rental generators and fuel tanks, all sets and tanks were allocated and logged in the rental diary by our rental coordinator and as always routinely serviced before being loaded onto the artic lorries for delivery.

In addition to the 2 x 500kVA and 4 x 300kVA rental generators for the live music on the main stages together with 6 x 3000ltrs fuel tanks, our client was informed by the Event Management Team that additional power was required for extra concessions and enquired if we were able provide it. With all hands on deck our engineers organised and readied the additional sets which were loaded for delivery with the original rental requirements. On the agreed date, our logistics team arrived onsite and in liaison with Innovation Power our engineerspositioned the rental generators and fuel tanks in the previously specified locations as depicted by the power site map provided.