Perkins Press Release New Perkins® 1206 On Display at MEE 2018

Middle East Electricity 2018
Perkins stand: S1.C10

A power density uplift from the Perkins® 1206 unveiled at Middle East Electricity (MEE)
Committed to providing electric power customers every competitive advantage, Perkins is unveiling the all-new 7 litre Perkins® 1206 engine at MEE March 6-8 at the Dubai World Trade Centre. The 1206 engine leverages the latest technology to draw maximum power from a smaller package. It’s part of a triple launch of new engines to deliver a significant uplift in power density to the booming Electric Power (EP) sector.

Across the EP sector, the trend for engines with increased power density is growing. With rising fuel prices, new EP emission standards set to arrive in 2019 and the complexity of transporting heavy engines to consider, more customers are searching for engines that are smaller, cleaner and built for the future.

“For Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), improved power density is a critical customer requirement,” said product marketing manager (electric power) Karan Ohri. “Each of our new engines delivers the same or better performance as engines that were historically much larger and heavier.”

The 1206, for example, has 20 percent improved power density and is 22 percent lighter than the existing 8.8 litre 1506 platform and it produces 200-275 kVA; customers would have needed the 1506 for that type of power until now. From a smaller package size, the same power is delivered with a positive and direct impact on the bottom line of EP customers.

New technology on the engine includes twin series turbocharging, which provides improved engine response. A higher-pressure fuel system gives precise control of fuelling, which delivers improved performance across the board. High specification core engine components also maximise durability while delivering class-leading power output and performance.

“These engine platforms on display at MEE already meet the most stringent emissions regulations applicable anywhere in the world,” said Karan. “Customers who do business in the rental and standby market could benefit from the same core engine that could meet standards in either a lesser regulated or highly regulated emissions market.”