St Andrew’s Stadium, Birmingham City Football Club

“Due to the increase in power demand on match days we need additional and importantly reliable power to run our advertising boards and screens. As each game is high profile, with thousands of supporters inside the ground and big TV audiences, it is critical that power is never lost. Mather+Stuart Power Solutions understood our requirements and set up the power solution with expertise and efficiency.”

St Andrew’s Stadium has been the home ground of Birmingham City Football Club for over a century. It is an all-seater stadium with seating capacity of around 30,000. St Andrew’s has also been the venue for England international football matches at all levels below the senior national team, and for semi-final matches in the FA Cup. It has also played host to professional rugby union matches, professional boxing and music concerts.

Birmingham City Football Club were seeking a temporary power solution to run all of the LED advertising boards and screens within the stadium. Increased power is needed during match days and due to the high profile nature of the matches, associated sponsorship and TV exposure, it is absolutely critical that power is not lost at any time.

A-Plant initially supplied two x 275kVA Generators, plus cabling, distribution and fuel, to power the LED display boards. The Generators were synched together to allow one to take the load and the other to provide back-up power if required at any time. For the 2017/2018 football season, A-Plant’s specialist power division Mather+Stuart Power Solutions secured the contract to once again supply the temporary power for St Andrews.

For the new contract, Mather+Stuart Power Solutions provided two of the latest specification 250kVA JCB synchronised Generators which incorporate the latest JCB Livelink telematics technology. The new Generators allow online real-time monitoring and management of fuel consumption, performance statistics and servicing schedules, plus geo-fencing of the units.

Birmingham City Football Club are absolutely delighted with the performance of the Generators which have ensured an interrupted power supply during all matches and provided multiple other benefits including significant fuel savings and reduced carbon emissions. As the Generators are fully synchronised, in the event of a service or routine maintenance, one Generator takes over full operation and in the highly unlikely event of a failure, the functioning Generator automatically senses and takes over the load.