Powering on together

Eagle Generators together with some other AMPS members are actively involved in quoting for a large mining operation in Africa. Paul Blything has already been to the site to assess requirements and is fairly confident that the order will be confirmed in 2020.

The required equipment is a 20 MW Power station using 1MW units synchronised together to attain the required output. The units are Cummins powered and will be assembled by Allam Marine of Hull; the specialist containers will be manufactured by Technical Acoustic Solutions of Loughborough, and Blades Power of Stroud are building the control gear.

The mine is being re-opened having been shut down for almost 10 years, so there is a lot of work still to be done in bringing it back up to standard.

Civil works will be undertaken by local contractors, providing employment and bringing benefits to the country.

The end of the road

I think most of you have seen Paul’s Jaguar at some time but with 353,000 miles on the clock it finally run out of steam. The photo shows it being towed away to go to the scrapyard in the sky. RIP