Wyndham Page, a specialist in the design and manufacture of safety equipment for diesel engines, are pleased to announce they have joined the Association of Manufacturers and suppliers of Power Generating Systems (AMPS)

Currently assisting many AMPS members, Wyndham Page along with our sister company Western Tydens (a specialist exhaust supplier), looks forward to forging long term partnerships with fellow AMPS colleagues.

Wyndham Page, best known for its range of Air Intake Valves which automatically shut down a diesel engine should overspeeding occur due to the ingestion of a flammable gas or vapour, are proud to introduce our new speed switch kit which works seamlessly with our butterfly shutdown valves. The kits are fully assembled and ready to plug and play with features designed to support latest safety standards.

For more information please visit our websites www.wyndhampage.com and www.westerntydens.com or contact Suzanne Hobson, Business Development Manager on 07552 842066