Temporary Generator Power for OnBlackHeath & OnRoundhay Festivals

After supplying temporary generator power for OnBlackheath in 2014, Powerhire were once again approached to provide the power for the 2016 festival, along with its sister festival OnRoundhay.

Following the successful provision of temporary generator power for this client at two festivals earlier in the year they were keen to have Powerhire on board for both OnBlackheath during the second weekend in September and OnRoundhay during the third weekend in September. OnBlackheath, a brand new live music & food festival in South London, emerged onto the scene in 2014 ….its inspiration, like all good ideas, came after a few beers whilst listening to music in a field back in 2008. In 2014 it was nominated at the UK Festival Awards for ‘Best New Festival’. It’s slightly smaller sister event in Leeds, which took place the following weeknd, saw the return of live music to Roundhay Park for the first time in ten years.

Both events boast a shared goal of staging a festival that showcases some of the very best local and international artists, food offerings to tantalise any palete and an engaging and fun experience for an ever increasing younger audience. Both weekends are for music lovers and foodie as well as those with a passion for bizarre and wonderful fringe entertainment, with the added bonus of being surrounded by a safe and nurturing environment for the children to have a magical and entertaining experience too.

With the numerous stages hosting world-class entertainment and live music from the likes of Primal Scream,Belle and Sebastian, James and Hot Chip, the John Lewis Food Village returned this year with an ample persity of bars, celebrity chefs, demonstrations, pop up stalls and for the first time ever Puffin books sponsors the family areas at both festivals. The provision of temporary generator power was discussed with the Event’s Organisation team many monthsin advance and when Powerhire were asked to be the supplier of choice for both festivals several meetings were organised with our client to discuss the detailed requirements for each event. Powerhire allocated theirmost efficient super silent event spec temporary generators in conjunction with the specified power loads at desired locations as detailed on the site map provided.

As with each new project all the temporary generators were serviced and on this occasion the fuel tanks werefilled with enough fuel for both festivals ready for their departure to OnBlackheath. On the specified day, aweek prior to festival launch, two arctic lorries containing 21 fuel tanks and 21 temporary generators, rangingrom 40kVA to 500kVA, with the necessary rental cable for connection were transported to site. Our engineersliaised with the client and positioned the temporary generator power as illustrated on the site map.

Once a very successful event was concluded at OnBlackheath our installation engineers and logistic teem arrived back on site.

While some of the temporary generators and fuel tanks were de commissioned and loaded onto the lorryto return to our rental depot two Powerhire engineers carried out the necessary checks on 15 temporary generators bound for OnRounday. The fuel tanks were also double checked for sufficient quantities of fuel for the following weekend’s festival and then loaded for transportation to Leeds. One lorry headed back to the rental depot while the other headed up the country to Leeds where once again our engineers positioned the temporary power as depicted by the site map and in liaison with our client. The re-launch in Leeds received fantastic reviews and tweets from the media and festival revellers ….with the hope of its return in 2017.

Both OnBlackheath and OnRounday delivered an unforgettable two days of music, food, and family entertainment within an atmosphere that felt communal, inclusive, creative and welcoming. Two fabulous weekends of escapism! You can keep track of both OnBlackheath, in London, and OnRounday, in Leeds, for next year’s escape from the rat race.

A perfect blend of good food and fantastic music. An all-ages carnival atmosphere.”
The Times.