The ComAp InteliLite 3, InteliLite 9 and InteliGen 200 bring all the stunning features that ComAp’s high-end controllers are famous for directly to modestly priced controls.

For entry-level single and paralleling applications, a genset controller needs to be application specific, easy to use and most importantly, cost-effective.

ComAp’s new generation of controllers ticks all those boxes and more. This isn’t just the release of one good low-end product; it’s a complete family of products. With this new range, ComAp are ready to dominate the entry-level market.

OEMs and packagers will be able to add a low-cost control to gensets whilst offering the type of features that used to be reserved for advanced controls:

  • Flexibility – The InteliLite 3 and InteliLite 9 are both switchable between MRS and AMF, and the InteliGen 200 can be used in both SPtM and MINT applications.
  • Communications – Clever connectivity using 4G on the InteliLite 3 and InteliGen 200 allows reliable communication with gensets.
  • Geolocation – Set up theft or movement alerts using geotracking and geofencing on the InteliLite 3 and InteliGen 200 controllers.
  • Powerful – The release of the InteliLite 3 brought with it the most powerful processor that ComAp has ever made. Don’t settle for second best.
  • Usability – ComAp’s unique and easy to use PLC drag-and-drop blocks allows for simpler configuration. No PLC experts required.
  • The new standard – ‘Optional extras’ aren’t optional if they’re essential for your application. That’s why the InteliGen 200 comes with a built-in AVRi, the InteliLite 9 has a built-in magnetic pick up and the InteliLite 3 includes a USB port as standard.
  • Price – Superior features doesn’t have to mean expensive. This new range of controllers beats our direct competitor on price every time. Fact.
  • UK support – IPU are the official distributors for ComAp products. We can offer the best technical support in the UK (so our customers tell us).

Integrating ComAp controllers for the first time couldn’t be easier. Contact the team on +44 (0) 121 511 0400, email us on ipu@ipu.co.uk or visit www.ipu.co.uk/controls