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Electric vehicles reduce CO2 in Dundee

Centrica Business Solutions has designed and built an electric vehicle charging hub in Dundee, introducing fast and rapid chargers, solar power generation and on-site battery storage.

  • 30% of the city’s buses are now electric
  • 102 Plug-in taxis are now serving the city
  • 122 estimated tonnes of carbon reduction in the first year

Seeking a trusted partner

Dundee City Council wanted to kick-start a strategy to encourage the switch to Electric Vehicles (EV) across the city. The Council needed a trusted partner to deliver the work of its flagship EV charging hub, funded by the government’s Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV) Go Ultra Low (GUL) award fund.

Turnkey solution

Centrica Business Solutions was selected to help design and build one of the first city charger hubs in the UK to combine EV charging with on-site storage and renewable generation.

Centrica Business Solutions’ Electric Vehicle Services designed the electrical infrastructure on site, contributed to the overall project design and budgeting, and programme managed the build, including civil and ground works and finish.

The sustainable transportation project entailed working with multiple stakeholders to deliver a coordinated solution, along with the management of the new connection to the grid.

The results

Dundee City Council now has the largest fleet of electric vehicles of any local authority in the UK, with 87 to date. In the first year, the project saved an estimated 122 tonnes of carbon emissions.

The city now has one of the most extensive charging infrastructures in the UK. Nine out of the top 10 most used rapid chargers in Scotland are located in Dundee. The city also boasts 102 ‘plug-in’ electric taxis and 30% of buses are now electric.

Following the success of this initial project, Centrica Business Solutions has also been selected to construct a new Queen Street charging hub.

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