Powerhire Generators Power for Retail Giants New Fulfilment Facility

One of the worldwide retail giants have recently created 500 new jobs with the opening of its new 310,000ft fulfilment centre in the South of the UK.

Client: Retailer & Electrical Contractors
Project in Brief:Temporary back-up generator power for the opening of a new 310,000ft fulfilment centre for worldwide retail giant.
One of the worldwide retail giants have recently created 500 new jobs with the opening of its new 310,000ft fulfilment centre in the South of the UK.

“The opening of the centre will play an integral role in providing a first class shopping experience for customers across the UK, Europe and the world” claims the Director of UK Operations. However, as the deadline for opening loomed ever closer the onsite electrical contractors, whilst in liaison with the client, discovered some worrying information which could potentially affect the training programme for new employees as well as the opening date for order processing to commence.

The dilemma was that power to operate the new premises on the required day might not be possible. The client stressed that this was absolutely NOT a possibility and therefore the onsite electrical contractors contacted Powerhire to assess the availability of providing 3MVA of generator power ensuring the building would be up and running and operational as planned.

One of Powerhire’s Technical Sales Managers met with the electrical contractor and carried out a site survey in order to advise on the most appropriate set up and connection for the generator power. Although the connection from the mains control panel to the generators was not straight forward Powerhire were able to offer a solution. He advised that the best configuration would be to have the generators running in parallel, operating a PCC control system, which would enable the generators to talk to each other more seamlessly. Once the electrical contractor and client agreed the solution the generator power was scheduled in with the hire co-ordinator who instigated the immediate servicing and reading of the complete rental power package. A dedicated Project Manager put together the necessary Health & Safety documentation as well as the relevant method statements and risk assessments and agreed the final positioning of the generator power with the client.

A week later the logistics team together with the installation technicians arrived onsite for the generator power installation. Together they set up the 3 x 20ft containerised generators together with a 20ft containerised mobile switch room in the previously agreed locations and used over 100m of cable to make the final connections. On completion of the installation and final connections the 3MVA generator power package was loadbank tested and fully commissioned on varying power loads to guarantee operation efficiency before Powerhire’s two teams of installation and service engineers left site.

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