Powerhire Generator Rental Package to Commission National Grid STOR Site

Our Technical Sales Manager was contacted by a global leader in the power industry to supply the necessary generator power package required to commission their National Grid Short Term Operating Reserve [STOR] sites across the country.

The National Grid needs back-up electricity sources that kick in when actual demand is greater than forecast demand and the weather is not sufficiently adequate to power wind farms. One way of securing this active back-up power is through STOR sites.

Our global power client has set up several STOR sites across the country to provide this short term requirement in the form of 10 x 2MW gas diesel generators that will instantly power up when the National Grid requires it to deliver the short fall in electricity demands

Having worked with them before we were more than happy to accommodate their generator power package requirements across their 11 new STOR sites they were rolling out across the country. Their Project Manager knew the exact generator required at each site which would commission their site set-up before going fully live and operational.

Each generator power package was booked into the rental schedule for each designated site on a call off basis on the approximate date required. When their Project Manager knew the exact date for site commissioning he contacted our Rental Co-ordinator who dispatched each requirement following the necessary servicing of the equipment.

Following the dispatch of the generator power package and arrival to site our Logistics Team positioned each 300kVA generator and 3,000ltrs fuel tank in the required location together with the necessary cabling for connection. Our rental generator is connected into the site’s LV switchboard to power up the LV switchgear and control systems to enable the testing of each of the 10 HV containerised 2MW gas generators in turn, making sure the sets start up and go-online and function to specification. Once this had been successfully carried out as well as putting the site under load using an HV loadbank, the site could then go live.

Each generator power package remained on site for approximately a month whilst all the necessary commissioning was carried out. Our Logistics Team then returned to site for the removal of our equipment for its return to the depot and its preparation and servicing for the next STOR site.