Perkins Press Release New Perkins® 2806 On Display at MEE 2018

Middle East Electricity 2018
Perkins stand: S1.C10

Market-leading power from Perkins® 18 litre 2806 unveiled at Middle East Electricity (MEE)
Perkins Engines will pull back the curtain at MEE to launch a trio of new products including the 18 litre Perkins® 2806 engine. Visitors to the Perkins stand at the Dubai World Trade Centre on March 6-8 will get a first look at this revolutionary new engine, delivering the same 750 kVA as the 23 litre Perkins® 4006 platform, but now from a market-leading 18 litre displacement.

“Electric power customers want the same durability and reliability from our engines as before,” said David Nicoll, Perkins director of marketing and distributor operations. “The expectations continue to evolve and now there is a greater need for improved power density, fuel savings and a reduced product footprint. Our 2806 proves to the market that we are up for the challenge.”

Offering an alternative to the 750 kVA power of the 23 litre 4006, the 18 litre 2806 provides 28 percent improved power density, a 35 percent reduction in package size, with a footprint that is 48 percent smaller and a 23 percent reduction in height. “This means customers will be able to package this powerful engine in a much smaller canopy,” David said. “It saves space, installation and transportation costs, and delivers improved performance all at the same time. And the 2806 will use 10 percent less fuel than the previous model, which adds up to major savings on fuel spend.”

The engine boosts Perkins’ competitiveness in the EP sector by delivering a solution, for the first time, to customers looking to achieve 750 kVA in territories operating at 50 hz. It also provides a power density uplift for customers operating at 60 hz. This is a class-leading product in its category in terms of package size.

In line with the new 1206 and 1706, which are on display at MEE, the 2806 engine offers a lower cost alternative to the current engine, delivering reduced running costs from a smaller package size and with broad emissions compliance. The engine features twin parallel turbochargers serving three cylinders each. It also features the latest power generation technology, new pistons, an upgraded camshaft, new air cleaners and fuel system, and an upgraded radiator.

“Packed with higher specification components, we’ve been able to stretch the power of the engine and maintain its durability,” David said. “The steps forward provided in this and our other products on display at MEE are what customers expect from a Perkins branded product.”