Perkins Press Release New Perkins® 1706 On Display at MEE 2018

Middle East Electricity 2018
Perkins stand: S1.C10

The all-new Perkins® 9.3 litre 1706 unveiled as part of a triple launch of power at Middle East Electricity (MEE)

Electric power customers wanting more power from a smaller engine will see that and more when they see the all-new 9.3 litre Perkins® 1706 engine, launched at MEE March 6-8 at the Dubai World Trade Centre. It’s part of a triple launch of new engines to deliver a significant uplift in power density to the booming Electric Power (EP) sector.

“Power density is an EP trend and our three new engines being launched at MEE address this requirement,” said Manoj Baweja, Perkins commercial manager for large industrial engines. “Our 1706 engine will help electric power customers add value to their business with more power and improved fuel economy from a smaller engine that is less complex than its predecessors.”

Prior to this breakthrough offering, customers would have turned to the 13 litre Perkins® 2206 platform for 350 kVA of power. Enter the 9.3 litre 1706 to deliver this and now do it with 22 percent improved power density.

“As diesel engine technology has improved, we’ve been able to leverage this advanced technology across our fuel systems, turbocharging and more, and apply them to our EP engine platforms and sub-systems,” said Manoj. “This allows us to produce more power density and get a higher output of power from a relatively smaller engine.”

Key features of the 1706 include enhanced air cleaner packaging, which makes the engine more compact. Improvements to the fan drive system, new fuel lines and a new-generation fuel system provide the building blocks to deliver exceptional engine performance from such a small engine size.

Like its Perkins counterparts being launched at MEE, the 1706 has all the technologies required to meet the full range of global emission standards including EU Stage V and U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final.

Prior to now, one of the biggest challenges for engine manufacturers pursuing smaller engines with high power density has been reliability under extreme environmental conditions. “We want Perkins customers to enjoy the advantages of using a smaller engine without sacrificing on performance and dependability,” said Manoj. “Our latest fuel systems and cooling packs allow our engines to reach their maximum power ratings even at high altitudes and ambient temperatures of up to 55˚C. You can take a Perkins engine to extremes in the middle of a desert or high on a mountain and it will perform at its best.”