New Digital AVR With Can

The new automatic voltage regulator from Deep Sea Electronics, the DSEA108, is designed to maintain a smooth and stable AC output voltage, regardless of the demands of the connected electrical load.

The usual stability issues associated with traditional analogue AVRs caused by over sensitivity to temperature changes, have been overcome with the advanced electronic technology of the new digital AVR from DSE. With many advanced features including CAN communication, the DSEA108 offers a sophisticated solution for multiple OEM or retro-fit applications.

  • Built-in CAN port for J1939 communications: the DSEA108 is able to feed information back to the genset controller for improved system monitoring and control
  • Compatible with all DSE synchronising and load sharing control modules
  • Soft-start ramping for improved starting
  • Sophisticated protections including over excitation and loss of voltage sensing
  • Connection for a quadrature droop CT and remote voltage adjustment
  • Under Frequency Roll Off (UFRO) protection with optional instantaneous step

The DSEA108 is simple to install using spade connections.

Two easy alternatives are provided for set-up using either the DSE Configuration Suite PC Software and the DSE815 configuration interface, or the on-board potentiometers and DIP switches. An illuminated LED indicates operational status or fault condition.

The DSEA108 is configurable to suite a wide range of alternators with auxiliary winding or shunt power supplies and the sophisticated features make it ideal for load sharing and synchronising genset applications.