New Bender UK facility is a showcase of electrical safety technology

The new facility and service centre is designed to accommodate continued growth and to be a showpiece for the company’s advanced technology solutions. Bender surgical lighting, touch screen theatre control panels and other critical care medical solutions will be permanently on display for client demonstrations and training. The facility is also equipped with Bender continuous monitoring technology to enable predictive maintenance of the buildings electrical infrastructure. Managing Director Gareth Brunton explains: “Our purposebuilt facility represents a major investment by Bender Group in its UK operation. It provides superb facilities for the training

and 24/7 technical support provided to customers across the UK and Ireland.

Bender UK has doubled in size since 2010 driven by its ability to deliver bespoke engineered solutions and an advanced service and support capability for the medical sector.

Performance is critical

Power supply performance and resilience is critical to health trusts and the managers of clinical facilities to operate safely and cost effectively.

Bender’s continuous intelligent monitoring systems provide a comprehensive overview of a hospital’s power network, enabling energy costs to be identified and reduced, while protecting critical power systems and achieving maximum availability of electrical supply. It also enables periodic inspection and testing without switch off.

Bender’s Residual Current Monitoring (RCM) and Power Energy Metering (PEM) is incorporated into the new Bender UK facility. This includes a 12-channel RCMS460 which monitors the main distribution board, while RCMS150 devices monitor local distribution within the building across offices and meeting rooms, and critical areas such as the plant room and air conditioning system.

The installed Bender devices monitor the frequency, current, power performance, energy consumption and harmonics to present a comprehensive picture of the building’s power infrastructure. The combination of power monitoring and electrical safety delivers an integrated solution which provides early warning of faults or failure for all critical aspects of the buildings electrical infrastructure.

Monitored by POWERSCOUT®

The new facility is connected to POWERSCOUT® the latest Bender software development which delivers

comprehensive analysis, reporting and live data on the status of the building. This smart cloud based

technology produces reports from the residual current monitoring and power quality metering technology

onsite, which enables pro-active analysis, fault finding and maintenance.

This solution is particularly appropriate for all sizes of healthcare facilities where the electrical infrastructure cannot afford to fail, and where estates personnel would benefit from remote monitoring technology. Bender’s Powerscout® software combined with residual current monitoring solutions can

be a vital tool for managing and maintaining healthcare estates.

Bender’s new UK headquarters is the perfect showcase to demonstrate equipment and technology capabilities.