Morris Site Machinery hails the Halo lamp head as revolutionary

A powerful, anti-glare next generation lamp head from the innovative design team at Morris Site Machinery has been hailed as a game changer for the industry.

The robust and versatile Halo is a revolutionary, virtually indestructible lamp head which fits on the company’s celebrated SMC TL90 lighting towers. It delivers 360 degrees 1200W diffused light from four 300W LED quadrants.

It has been developed and manufactured to provide an even, impressive spread of light with an anti-glare diffuser which can operate in extreme conditions. Suitable for a range of uses, it will prove its worth in particular for roadsides and motorways, airports, quarries, car parks or trackside lighting.

The innovative design has four segments independently mounted onto a steel frame with each quadrant comprising three 100W high power LED modules. The quadrant diffuser is constructed from a tough high performance LLDPE material, similar to that used in highway products like road safety cones, and creates a bright, anti-glare, even spread of light.

The SMC Halo light will be unveiled at this month’s Showman’s Show (18 and 19 October) where its first public demonstration is expected to generate much interest.

Richard Denholm, Sales Director at Morris Site Machinery, said: “We are excited and proud of this new product which will take the onsite lighting market to new levels. It will deliver game-changing benefits and improved performance.

“The Halo is like nothing seen before. It represents the future of anti-glare lighting and promises to improve working conditions for users, which is so important to the industry.

“We’re looking forward to demonstrating what makes it so special and are inviting people to come to our stand at the Showman’s Show to see it in action for themselves.”

The IP65 rated Halo has been designed for simple deployment and easy set-up with no lamp adjustment necessary.

It has an improved light spread and above average LUX levels compared to a conventional LED or metal halide lamp. It means fewer towers are required, boosting its green credentials. The Halo fits onto the latest SMC TL90 towers and can also be retro fitted to used stock.

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