MCPD | NOx Reduction | DEUTZ 1320kW Diesel Generator

These DEUTZ 1320kW Diesel Generators are now compliant for the new MCPD (Medium Combustion Plant Directive) requirements for NOx 190mg/Nm3@15%O2. NOx Limit reached within 10 minutes of engine starting.

Agriemach were asked to engineer a solution to meet the very low backpressure requirement of 20mbar (millibar) over the complete exhaust system while still meeting the new emissions requirement for NOx.

Agriemach Ltd were chosen as the preferred partner for this retro-fit installation where we Designed, Manufactured, Delivered, Installed, Commissioned and Project Managed from start to finish.

Agriemach are Number One for Bespoke Selective Catalytic Reduction Systems in the UK, boasting the longest reference list and incredibly high reduction rates where required. No application is the same; all of our systems are bespoke and designed around customer/application needs.

To discuss your requirements or to request a copy of our reference list, please or call +44 (0) 1342 713743 or visit our dedicated SCR product page via our website.

Please also feel free to request a “Product Training Day” at our Training Centre in Uckfield, East Sussex, where our Emissions Specialist team would be more than happy to present you with our Award Winning Technology.
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