IPU acquire Filtertechnik’s fuel conditioning business to become number one in the Fuel Conditioning industry

IPU Group has acquired the Fuel Conditioning division of Nottingham-based Filtertechnik Ltd. The acquisition reflects IPU’s confidence that the market for fuel conditioning will continue its strong growth.

The need for fuel conditioning is becoming better understood in both the private and public sectors. Organisations realise that stored diesel decays over time and are taking measures to protect themselves against the debilitating effects of contamination: power failure, damaged engines and business disruption.

IPU and Filtertechnik offer complementary product lines, providing customers with the best of both worlds. The purchase adds a rental fleet and large tank units to IPU’s existing range of polishing units and on-site testing and cleaning services.

Filtertechnik product lines such as the Particle Pal diagnostic unit, DFU and OTU fuel polishing systems will, for the time being, run alongside IPU ranges such as ClearTank and Diesel Defence.

Manufacturing activities will move to IPU’s HQ in West Bromwich. Key operational staff from Filtertechnik will also make the move to IPU. This preserves the vital skills, relationships and experience that underpinned Filtertechnik’s success.

Mike Benzies, Filtertechnik’s Business Development Director, will become the Director of IPU’s Fuel Conditioning Division. He commented: “Filtertechnik’s unique strengths lay in fuel testing, rental and overseas markets. Combining these with IPU’s expertise in the design and manufacture of polishing systems will give our customers a complete and unrivalled service offering”.

Robert Beebee, Managing Director of IPU said: “This combined operation will make us the clear leader in the industry. Filtertechnik has a strong reputation in the testing and rental markets so this will open up a wide range of new opportunities for us”.

Filtertechnik will continue as a supplier of filters and cleanup systems to the hydraulics industry. Please see the website for more information www.filtertechnik.co.uk.

For more information on IPU’s Fuel Division, please visit: http://www.ipu.co.uk/fuel.