Helping expand the Tesla Supercharger network

Centrica Business Solutions has constructed six of the initial Tesla Supercharger hub sites across UK roads.

  • 6 electric car charging points
  • 6 months to build completion
  • 170 mile range from 30 minute charge

Supporting Tesla’s UK launch

Tesla, a leading provider of electric cars and clean tech solutions, wanted to support its launch into the UK market by building strategically located public Supercharger hub sites.

Tesla chose Centrica Business Solutions as its trusted partner to deliver the Electric Vehicles (EV) across charging hubs. The project included project managing the build, civil and electrical works, high voltage HV works and finishing, including road surfacing and adding bay markings.

Paving the way for Tesla hubs

Centrica Business Solutions was responsible for building and finishing six of its initial Supercharger hubs across the UK. This included working with the distribution network operators, delivering new power to the site, managing HV works and handling installation of all on site logistics such as transformer and Tesla chargers and cabinets.

Centrica Business Solutions managed the full construction phase on site. The company worked with multiple stakeholders to deliver a coordinated solution, along with the new connection to the grid.

The locations include Welcome Break Telford, Welcome Break Oxford, Welcome Break Michael Wood, Welcome Break Burtonwood, Exeter Darts Farm and Lifton Arundell Arms.


The build was completed within a six-month timeframe between June 2017 and January 2018.

Petrol and diesel car drivers can save hundreds of pounds sterling per year by switching to an electric vehicle. By helping to expand Tesla’s Supercharger network, Centrica Business Solutions helped Tesla and its drivers to access fast, convenient, affordable charging for their vehicles.

Why Centrica Business Solutions?

  • World-class health and safety performance
  • Turnkey sustainable transportation solution from detailed design, programme management, construction, to aftercare and maintenance and energy supply
  • State-of-the-art hardware and software
  • Ability to manage local energy constraints on-site with flexible, innovative load balancing solutions
  • Dashboard reporting and sustainability tracking
  • Charging managed through a simple, intuitive employee app
  • Flexible payment choices and financing options available

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