In a political, economic and industrial environment that is forever putting pressure on companies to operate sustainably and meet tighter emissions targets, Power Electrics are excited to announce their partnership with Green Biofuels, the manufacturers of renewable fuel Green D+.

Made from natural vegetable fats, oils and waste bi-products via a process that uses hydrogen instead of methane, Green D+ burns even cleaner than regular bio-diesel and drastically reduces engine emissions.

So far we have seen demand growing for Green D+ in the events, utilities and construction industries. Festivals and outdoor events that are marketed at younger audiences are seeing a demand for sustainable power grow at an expedient rate. With the building sentiment towards the importance of environmentally sustainable practices and the ability for the millennial generation to call on the power of social media, it is hugely important that events companies support these ethically driven movements or face being ostracised by their audience.

In the utilities industry Green D+ is becoming a no-brainer. Savings can be passed on to the customer meaning they get more for their money over a longer period of time. Previously, bio-fuels have decreased machinery lifespans due to oxidation, polymeric reaction products, soot and sulphur. Green D+ produces none of these harmful bi-products and the fuel can also be run in existing machines, eliminating the need for costly retrofitting or replacement. This has been especially well received in the construction industry where waste products such as ash forming components and Sulphur have a negative effect on the lifespan of machinery.

London is where we have seen the biggest take up of Green D+. The capital has been heavily slated for its problems with air pollution in the past few years and contractors are under increasing pressure to make any kind of reduction in emissions. With Green D+ helping to cut emissions by up to 94%, it’s no surprise London has been the largest source of demand.

We spoke to Green Bio Fuel COO, Magnus Hammick who said: “With an estimated 40,000 lives cut short by air pollution in the UK cleaner air is a public health imperative. Our fossil-free fuel will help vehicles with diesel engines to run cleaner for longer, and help UK cities like London meet their Clean Air Zone targets by 2020.”

There are obvious barriers to the fuel’s universal application, especially in the rental industry where customers see little of the reduction in maintenance costs. The fuel also costs slightly more than regular diesel, meaning less environmentally conscious companies are unlikely to adopt its use whilst regular diesel is still cheaper, or whilst their customer base isn’t demanding them to do so. However, anyone with knowledge of the fuel industry will tell you this is where the future lies. Fossil fuels are a finite resource and the growing number of regulations are making the prospect of cost saving bio-fuels like Green D+ too good to pass up.