Fuel Storage Solutions Expanding In To New Headquarters In Thornton, West Yorkshire

FSS Ltd started in 2002 with the specific aim of offering compliance against the Oil Storage Regulations 2002. It’s sometimes been a rocky road, but we are extremely proud to announce that we have moved into new premises that have been specially adapted for us. From humble beginnings working out of a front room, we are now the proud owners of a 1,100sq m (12,000sq ft.) building that was once a Wesleyan Sunday School and Chapel.

The building was taken out of service in 1955, by the mid 60’s it had been converted to industrial use and when FSS bought it, it had been empty for several years. To be honest, looking back we should have contacted Grand Designs! Bringing a 200 year old ex Sunday School, built over 4 levels in line with modern regulations, including a full internal network, proved somewhat of a challenge….

The building has been renovated around FSS’s needs, with a large workshop area dedicated to the fabrication of fuel polishing units and our patented stainless steel bunded pipework. FSS now has the facility to be able to fabricate, assemble and test bespoke fuel polishing kits designed specifically for each application. From a mobile unit that does 120lts an hour all the way through to systems designed for 100,000lt plus tanks. The systems can all be fitted with state of the art particle laser counters too.

Our new home, Marin House, was built in 1824 for the princely sum of £1,063. It was extended in 1851 for an additional £1,000 and again in 1875.

FSS had looked at new, purpose built units. However, when we saw the building we all felt the feel good factor from restoring and then working from this magnificent new base would trump anything a brand new unit could offer. All other options for the building (and ever so slightly spooky graveyard next door) involved demolition and new flats being built.

For a while, after the renovation started, it felt like we’d bitten off more than we could chew…. every problem solved seemed to create another two. Initial plans to be in by Christmas 2017 came and went. Heavy snows in February and March delayed us further.

Eventually, at the end of April 2018, we were ready to move in, with 1st May being our first working day in our new home. The building has been cleaned up on the outside and it’s unrecognisable internally. We have an open plan office, only keeping one room, “The Tiger Room“ (named such because the previous owners had over 10 pictures of tigers on the wall). The before / after pictures show how far we’ve come and the Tiger Room is now a meeting room, (we are planning to get at least one picture of a Tiger back up on the wall!! ). FSS are always striving to move forwards but we are always mindful of what got us here.

The next stage, when funds allow, will be to get the building sandblasted and returned to its full former glory.

Please, if you’re in the area and have a need for fuel tanks, pumps, pipework, polishing or the legally required annual inspections, pop in for a coffee and we can show you about. Or just pop in anyway, we’ve loads of fuel polishing systems to see, as well as our patented crimped stainless steel bunded pipe.