Franklin Fueling Systems Launches New EVO™ Series Family Of Automatic Tank Gauges

Driven by a pursuit to innovate, simplify, and better connect every diesel fuel system at critical power facilities, Franklin Fueling introduces the EVO™ 200 and EVO™ 400 to their lineup of world class Automatic Tank Gauges (ATGs).

Franklin Fueling Systems – one of the world’s leading manufacturers of fuel system equipment – are pleased to announce the launch of their new EVO™ 200 & EVO™ 400 Automatic Tank Gauges. These new advanced tank level gauge systems allow you to electronically monitor fuel volumes in bulk and day storage tanks as well as monitoring normally dry sumps and containment spaces for liquid leaks.

The highly-intuitive, full-colour, icon-based touch screen interface provides user-friendly on-site access to inventory, alarm, and compliance data, while the password protected FFS PRO™ Connect web interface provides remote access from any networked device with a web-browser. Further connectivity is offered via automatic email functionality as well as Modbus and XML protocols for BMS communication.

As standard, the EVO Series family of ATGs provide fuel level, volume and temperature information, as well as two high and low-level alarm setpoints, water-in-tank alarms and generator run time and delivery reporting.

Additional benefits include fuel density measurement and alarms, helping you to ensure the diesel in your fuel system is the correct specification and is not going to damage generator engines.

For more complete automation, the Evo550 and Evo5000 consoles feature conditional logic software along with various input and output boards for complete control of pumps, valves and other equipment to automate day tank filling and other complex fuel system processes.

Franklin Fueling Systems ATG’s are distributed in the UK through PFS Fueltec Ltd, your 1-stop shop for all fuel related equipment including pumps, valves, pipework, fuel polishing and automatic tank gauges.

Contact PFS Fueltec on 01376 535260 for more information.