Exciting new features added to DSE45xxMKII genset controls

At DSE we are continually looking for ways to improve our products and services. Our already successful DSE45xxMKII Auto Start and Auto Mains Failure control modules have now been made even better and more flexible, with a range of exciting new features.

  • Improved automatic fuel solenoid control for energy savings
  • On-screen line diagram On/Off functionality for system information clarity
  • Configurable CAN instrumentation (10) for greater flexibility
  • Digital input and alarm to detect and annunciate if water is present in the fuel
  • Digital input and alarm to detect and annunciate fuel leaks into the bund/overflow tank
  • Generator at rest output for improved monitoring
  • ECU periodic wake-up for retrieving system information at pre-defined times
  • Back-light power-save mode for greater energy savings
  • Adjustable delay crank timer for flexible starting
  • Improved pre-heat and added post-heat functionality for quicker engine starting
  • Overload engine protection if pre-defined limits are exceeded
  • Mains/generator A/C system selection allows 3-phase generators to work with single-phase mains power supplies.
  • Adjustable audible alarm output timer to set the time the alarm remains active.

Designed and built to the highest specification in our state-of-the-art UK manufacturing facility, we use only the highest grade components and materials in our products. Built for superior reliability and user-friendly operation, our control modules have become the number one choice across the world.

To find out more about how a DSE genset control can enhance your genset package, please go to the Company website: www.deepseaplc.com