Dieselec Thistle Generators has re-branded as DTGen

As customer demand has continued to grow, our business has expanded geographically and we have been adding new products and services to our portfolio. We want to ensure that our name is reflective of the way we do business now and in the future.

Along with the name change, comes a fresh new look and feel that sees the old logo evolve. The new logo represents a reliable, robust and forward-thinking business offering tailored generators of any size and configuration.

As well as the new logo, which you will start to see appearing on our website, vehicles, plant and staff uniforms, you will start to see the introduction of some new colours too. We hope you enjoy the change as much as us!

We have been a UK industry leader for more than 45 years, with unparalleled expertise in the supply, installation and maintenance of generator power solutions. Our standards of excellence ensure strong long-term relationships with our customers, while our innovations pave the way for the future. We’re committed to finding newer, more sustainable technologies, designing more resilient systems and tailoring solutions to meet the demands of an ever-changing industry.

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