Cummins Introduces The QSG12 Diesel Series To Offer Higher Power Density And a Smaller Footprint

Dubai, (March 6, 2018) – Cummins Inc. (NYSE: CMI) has announced the launch of the new C450 D5 genset model, as part of the new QSG12 diesel engine series. With an improved design and an advanced combustion system, this new product model offers more power for less space, by delivering a much higher power density and a more reliable power solution.

The series is available from 400-450kVA at 50Hz and from 350- 400kW at 60Hz. The C450 D5 model is powered by a Cummins four cycle, inline, 6 cylinder dual speed diesel engine offering more robust performance using less fuel.

The new product series is designed for a wide variety of applications to meet diverse customer needs in different markets such as hospitals, manufacturing, commercial and industrial facilities.

The newest C450 D5 model, can run parallel with both other gensets and grids to fit the diverse project site customer requirements. Additional features offered within this new product offering include extended service intervals of 500hrs and unaided cold start capability at 12°C.

Alok Joshi, Cummins Director of Power Generation Business in Africa & Middle East region said: “Our new product model is based on the QSG12 engine series, offering a much higher power density. This means that we now have a true prime-power capability to offer our customers, based on a fuel-optimised variant. The new product model includes many design and performance improvements and it is a definitive step forward for us.”