With a huge list of standard features including ethernet on board, built-in AVRi and droop capability, genset controls will never be the same again.

The InteliGen 500 is the brand new advanced paralleling genset controller from ComAp. Featuring a 5″ colour screen, large PLC and switchable applications, the IG500 is suitable for single generating sets operating in standby or parallel modes or for multiple gensets applications.

The powerful display on the InteliGen 500 is brighter and clearer than anything in its class. With its customisable dashboard, the values that are most business critical are available instantly.

The InteliGen 500’s modular construction means it’s possible to build a controller with features specific to the application. But this doesn’t mean all the important features are an expensive optional extra. All the following features come built-in and standard with the InteliGen 500:

  • Ethernet on board
  • Large PLC with 32 OR/ANDs
  • Built in AVRi
  • USB Master

The InteliGen 500 also comes with configurable Modbus so it can be easily connected to Building Management Systems. Gensets can be closely monitored without needing to leave the central control room.

The droop capability on the InteliGen 500 allows the controller to automatically switch to droop mode in the event of a CAN load sharing line failure. This extra level of redundancy keeps critical sites running whatever happens.

Stop settling for less with genset controls. Contact the team on +44 (0) 121 511 0400, email us on or visit the website and request a quote directly: products/comap-inteligen-500/