Comap Releases New Version Of Online Monitoring And Management Tool: Websupervisor 4.0

This system offers a number of beneficial features that help optimize revenue for machinery fleets, as each piece of equipment can be individually monitored for all important operation values. WebSupervisor 4.0 offers equipment owners a number of powerful reporting tools allowing monthly summaries of availability and revenue creation ensuring that maintenance scheduling and asset utilization can be maximized for individual equipment and the whole fleet. The information generated from each controller can be archived on the central server for future analysis and trend evaluation.Now in WebSupervisor 4.0, instead of a one-size-fits-all solution, ComAp now offers customers the opportunity to have the monitoring system that is the best solution for their particular business, whether it be cloud-based, or customised, or on your own server equipment. Please contact your local ComAp distributor for WebSupervisor for further information, or visit