AMPS Awards for Excellence – Nominations Closed

AMPS Awards

Thursday 8th December 2022 at the Park Plaza Hotel, Westminster, London

Nominations are now closed for the AMPS Awards for Excellence. Thank you to everyone who took the time to submit nominations.

We are returning to last year’s venue, the Park Plaza Hotel in Westminster, and have some exciting new categories for this years awards. Bookings for the event will be opening soon, and we will be contacting all members with details on how to reserve your place.

This year’s award categories are:

1. Apprentice of the Year

In common with much of manufacturing, the power generation sector has an aging workforce. Young engineers are future lifeblood of our industry. Apprenticeships give school leavers a real opportunity of a rewarding career with workplace experience coupled with tertiary learning. In return the apprentice brings a fresh vision to their employer.

This award seeks to recognise an apprentice who had gone beyond what is expected and achieved the remarkable. Someone who will have a successful future assured after qualification, becoming a real asset to their employer.

2. Engineer of the Year

This award celebrates the people who bring the products to life. Engineers are the true heroes of our sector.

This award recognises the engineer’s contribution, innovation, commitment, skill, knowledge and foresight which all combine to enhance the success of their company.

3. Health & Safety Award

This award has been developed to recognise progress in improving the occupational health and safety culture of the workplace by introducing new or developing existing initiatives. This could include initiatives that tackle work-related ill-health, especially occupational stress, work-related musculoskeletal disorders and occupational lung disease. Other initiatives include promoting broader ownership of health and safety, simplifying risk management, anticipating and tackling new health and safety challenges, and promoting the benefits of an effective health and safety strategy.

Examples include (but are not limited to):

  • Implemented programmes looking at occupational stress, work-related musculoskeletal disorders or occupational lung disease
  • Implemented programmes to improve employee safety including the reduction of accident rates
  • Implemented a programme to reduce sickness absence
  • Improved understanding of compliance through an educational programme

4. Contribution to Skills & Training Award

Awarded for outstanding contribution when promoting skills and training. This award is to recognise companies who provide an excellent level of training for their employees, pushing them to further their skills and improve their knowledge.

This award can also recognise companies who promote our industry and encourage the uptake of engineering and manufacturing careers. This could be achieved by developing programmes for community engagement, collaborating with local schools, or implementing schemes to recruit and encourage young talent.

5. Innovation & Technology Award

Awarded for development of an innovative product, process, service, or innovative way of working. Entrants must be able to demonstrate the development within the last 18 months of an innovative product, process, service, or way of working. The entry must include a clear written description of the development and its background, including details of the benefits obtained.

The panel is looking for evidence of the following: Commercial relevance of the development and actual or projected commercial success, benefit of the development to the business or customer, how the idea was implemented within your business and the impact the idea has made upon your business.

6. Environmental Contribution of the Year

Accelerating the journey to net Zero has never been more important. Power generation stands at a crossroads between fossil fuels and alternate energy sources. This award seeks to reward a company who not only recognises the need for change – and has gone beyond virtue signalling. A company who has produced an innovative solution to reduce emissions and other impacts to the planet.

7. Supplier of the Year

The judges are looking for an exceptional supplier, who has consistently demonstrated commitment to customer service and satisfaction, acted responsibly, and achieved market success.

8. Manufacturer of the Year

For this award we are looking for excellence in manufacturing, whether that’s due to outstanding reliability, exceptional quality control, or innovative techniques. Our judges are looking to celebrate the company that has done the most to standout for the right reasons.

9. Exporter of the Year

This award celebrates the company that has done the most for exporting products and expanding their market.

10. Project of the Year

This award offers the opportunity to really showcase the entrants capability, innovation and vision. One of the key AMPS Awards for Excellence, this category is sure to attract the very best of our sector.

The judges are looking for details of a project, whether that’s a physical installation, nonphysical solution, or similar that has completed in the last year, and which demonstrates great teamwork and/or an innovative solution and/ or overcoming a major difficulty.

11. AMPS Member Company of the Year

More than just a great employer or successful business, the winner of this award will demonstrate stand-out success whether that’s in overcoming business challenges, developing new brands or markets, or outstanding sustained growth. The Judges are looking for evidence of corporate excellence.


We have five excellent judges for this years event, they are:

  • AMPS Vice President, Richard Teasdale
  • AMPS Technical Secretary, Bernard Gospel
  • AMPS Hon. Member, Chris Whitworth
  • AMPS Technical Hon. Member, Stan Archer
  • Richard Meadows