200KVA Generator Power Package for Global Sports Fashion Retailer

We were once again delighted to be asked by our long standing customer, a long established local family run electrical engineering company with a first class reputation, to quote for a generator package for a new multi-million-pound distribution center being built in the Greater Manchester area for a UK based sports-fashion retail company.

This latest investment, an extension to their existing site, will support the growth of the end-client and provide a state-of-the-art distribution center with an expected increase in staffing levels of 1,200 personnel. The extension will include four internal mezzanine floor levels that will increase the warehousing capacity at the distribution centre to almost two million square feet. The site is to be one of the biggest warehouses to be built in the North West over the last 10 years.

Our project manager, who had worked with the customer on numerous projects, met with them to discuss the scope of the project and finalise all details. Once all aspects of the project had been agreed by the customer, our project manager proceeded to get to work on the project program, ordering of equipment, booking external suppliers and internal labour via the relevant departments.

It was agreed that a 1 x 2000kVA standby rated generator set supplied complete with set mounted panel controller and set mounted MCCB for protection and isolation was sufficient to support the site, along with a set mounted Deep Sea automatic start control panel and fuel system.

As the generator was housed outside the new building it will be enclosed within a tailor-made anti-corrosion acoustic container which will also contain the noise level when the generator is called into action. The generator was shipped direct to the acoustic container manufacturer where our engineers fitted out the container with the generator and internal power cabling and containment. On completion, a Factory Witness Test was carried out successfully at the acoustic company’s site, in attendance with customer, using our own inductive loadbank provided by our rental division Powerhire.

On the agreed date the equipment was delivered on two of our own artic lorries and offloaded and positioned onto the ready-made concrete plinth using a 350-ton crane. Once the container was in position the crane continued to lift and position the remaining equipment of attenuators and exhaust silencers ready for installation on the roof of the container.

Once the bulk tank was placed into final position, the fuel system was installed along with the day tank and fill point cabinet. The bulk tank is fitted with a separate draw off valve which is routed from the Bulk Tank, via duplex pumps sets and a motorised valve to the generator daily fuel tank when replenishment is required. The transfer of fuel is controlled by a Fuel Control Panel which monitors and maintains the fuel level in the generator day tank and will replenish when required.

Installation and final connection of the LV cable and control cable was carried out by others allowing our commissioning engineer to follow up with pre-commissioning and commissioning of the generator set using a resistive loadbank supplied by our rental division, Powerhire.

A black building test was carried out, resulting in the electrical power to the entire building being shut off to simulate a total power failure allowing us to test the functionality of the generator and ancillary equipment, both of which was successful.]

On completion of the successful installation and integration of the generator system to provide full power to the building, and with a very happy customer and end client, training was given on how to use the system and individual equipment. System operating manuals and generator technical manuals were also left on site.