The Association of Manufacturers and suppliers of Power Systems and ancillary equipment

Workgroup 7 Updates

Workgroup 7 – Standards - Leader: Jean-Michel Geiller

The main efforts of this workgroup is to monitor and comment on revisions to ISO 8528 through ISO Committee TC/70.  These standards then usually become British Standards (e.g. BS ISO 8528-X).

It is worth mentioning at this point that the Technical Committee has been instrumental in revitalising BSI Committee ‘MCE/14 RIC Engines’ (You will find the term RIC defined in ‘jargon buster’ as ‘Reciprocating Internal Combustion’). Andrew Greer is the Chairman of the Committee, independent of AMPS, and three other technical committee members sit on the committee. The Technical Secretary is a ‘papers only’ member, and just receives correspondence.  Subcommittee’ MCE/14/-0/08 – Generating sets’ met after the Technical Committee meeting in January.