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Woodlands Power

T: 0845 600 3335
Generation House
Vale Business Park
WR11 1GP

Established in 1950, Woodlands Power were one of the first providers of temporary power hire in the UK. More than 70 years later, they are still offering customers exceptional service. Organisations in the UK and around the world trust Woodlands Power and the power solutions they provide.

At Woodlands, we have the resources and expertise to provide full-service power solutions to the highest standards. Our extensive hire range of power generation equipment and ancillary products can support all temporary or long-term power requirements. We cover all areas of power supply, including generator sales, project management, delivery, installation, commissioning, ongoing maintenance and contingency planning.

With a longstanding history of providing temporary and backup power solutions to critical sites, we have the equipment and experience to handle specific power requirements for any industry.

For planned or emergency power outage requirements, call our 24-hour line on 0845 600 3335 or email us on