The Association of Manufacturers and suppliers of Power Systems and ancillary equipment

Member Training

A complete industry driven course for generating set technicians

A new initiative has been launched to meet the industry’s changing needs – and to give AMPS members a competitive edge.

Developed in response to a clearly identified skills shortage in the generating set marketplace, the AMPS Training Course will not only give member companies access to an easier training route but will set their technicians apart from the competition.

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This complete industry-driven course aims to improve technicians’ skills, raise industry standards and create a readily identifiable and authoritative benchmark. Engineers holding the certification will have proven competence – and as the course is only available to AMPS members this will be an important differentiator.

A complete industry-driven course for generating set technicians

  • Improving the skills of technicians
  • Raising industry standards
  • Creating an identifiable qualification
  • Exclusively available to AMPS members

The course and its qualification are aimed at technicians who need to be capable of testing and/or commissioning/servicing an RIC diesel engine based generating set.

The qualification will be a partly examined and partly certified one, with a multi-choice exam paper and certification from AMPS-approved external or member training courses. It will also involve a CV assessment of candidates to assess experience.


The AMPS Training course modules

The course will be modular in construction, allowing technicians to focus on areas relevant to their particular position, and will provide all candidates with the ability to qualify for either Level 1 or Level 2 Technician status depending on experience. Modules 1-4 will be delivered through AMPS members, as an extension of their existing training offer, with AMPS providing moderation between different suppliers of the same modules to ensure they are consistent and cover the required areas to the necessary depth. This means that technicians will be able to select a suitable ‘Engine’ module from a choice of providers such as MTU, Cummins, Scania or Volvo.

For the Installation and Commissioning, Design and Practice Module 5, AMPS will invite various equipment suppliers, supported by a member of the AMPS Technical Committee, to a convenient central location either yearly or twice yearly, depending on demand.

Level 1 Technician Level 2 Technician

- Able to demonstrate one year’s
experience by CV assessment
- Employed by an AMPS member
- Completed the full programme
within a two-year period

- Able to demonstrate five years’
experience by CV assessment
- Will be required to attend
Modules 1-3 from at least two
manufacturers in each category
- Employed by an AMPS member
- Completed the full programme
within a two-year period


Module 1
Engine (including


Module 2
Generators (including
Voltage Regulators)


Module 3


Module 4

  • Engine Basic Theory
  • Engine Ratings
  • Governor Systems
  • Engine Management Systems
  • Engine Protections
  • Starting Systems
  • Cooling
  • Servicing Tasks

  • Generator Basic Theory 
    (including different types)
  • Voltage Regulation
    (including different types)
  • Parallel Operation
  • Generator Protections
  • Servicing Tasks



  • Basic Theory
  • System Types
  • Auto Transfer System Controls
  • Synchronising and
  • Load Sharing





  • Single Line Diagrams and
  • Network Connections
  • Switchgear Construction
  • Instrumentation and
  • Measurement
  • Earthing (Part 1)
  • Transformers
  • Protection Theory
    and Settings

Module 5
Installation and 
Design and Practice
  Module 6
Basic Electricity 
(exam only)
  Module 7
Health & Safety 
IOSH Working
  • Fuel Systems
  • Ventilation, 
    Acoustics and
    Exhaust Systems
  • Layout, Design and Safety
  • Electrical Installation
  • Earthing (Part 2)
  • Test and Commissioning
  • Each of modules 1-4 will 
    include relevant
  • fault-finding/troubleshooting information

The Basic Electricity Module 6 will not be taught, as candidates are expected to be familiar already with the subject areas within the examination. The Health & Safety Module 7 will be IOSH Working Safely, which is a widely available government Passport to Health & Safety accredited module. All modules are to include troubleshooting and start-up, test and commissioning.

AMPS has undertaken moderation work with the module suppliers to ensure that they are providing consistent content, and will provide a detailed and common syllabus for each module.

The module providers 

The initial list of module providers below will expand over time to give members a comprehensive choice covering every kind of engine, generator, control, switchgear and application. In each case the training will be delivered by professionals who know the equipment inside out, in facilities that will maximise the value of the hands-on learning experience gained.

By enhancing their engineers’ skills, this highly affordable training will reward members with an excellent return on investment in terms of increased generator efficiencies and other performance benefits.