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Kings Power Solutions

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For the installation of quality and safety assured power generators, you can depend on us.

Power generators provide an important function for many businesses and must be installed by certified engineers. Our team hold all the training and qualifications needed to get the job done safety and professionally. We will go through the entire installation and set up process, ensuring every component and part is fitting correctly. After completion of the installation, we will then carry out a detailed inspection and thoroughly test the equipment.



If your business, event or project relies on a generator, then you know that maintenance is key to ensuring efficient and dependable power.

At Kings Power Solutions we maintain and service a comprehensive range of power generators either as stand alone systems or in combination with your uninterruptible power supply. Installing a generator is an excellent way to protect your power supply. However, it is no guarantee to continual power as generator components can fail if not maintained to a high standard. A planned programme of generator maintenance should always be considered as an essential part of any standby or continuous power system.


Here at Kings Power Solutions, we specialise in generator hire solutions.

Based in Huntingdon, we can work with customers nationwide. We pride ourselves on our service, both within the initial planning stages and the continual support throughout the hire period. With an extensive fleet of generators, we have the capabilities and knowledge to get the job done.

·        Safety-assured power solutions

·       Complete set up and installation

·       Competitive and transparent pricing



When your business relies on generators to keep it running, it is important to keep up with refuelling.

While your standby or emergency generator will protect you against electrical power failure, it’s important to remember that the generator itself needs fuel. Here at Kings Power Solutions, we’re able to provide generator refuelling service for both planned and emergency situations.

We know that it can be difficult to handle the refuelling of your power generator on your own. That is why giving these responsibilities to a certified generator refuelling service like ours, will eliminate any worries and ensure your generators are always ready to go.


As industry experts, we also handle the sale of both new and used generators.

If you are looking for an industrial generator for sale, you have come to the right place. When it comes to buying generators, it is important to buy from a truster supplier to guarantee a safe and quality assured power solution. Kings Power Solutions are a known and certified providers for generators across the area.

Our range consists of both new and used generators for sale. This means we can cater to a wide scale of budgets, and applications. As a result, no matter what your requirement is, we’ll have a power solution for you. Additional benefits to choosing Kings Power Solutions to provide your power solution include project management expertise and an experienced electrical and mechanical engineering team.