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    We have had a few Technical Queries recently, particularly on emissions, and it prompts us to return to summarise some of the rules and regulations which have appeared in the past few years. Non Road Mobile Machinery – Emissions This is an EU Regulation. To avoid the reader having to turn to AMPS Jargon Buster

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    By Bernard Gospel – Technical Committee Secretary What does the Technical Committee (TC) actually do? Someone asked me this at the March conference, and we felt that it would be worthwhile to return to this topic. The Technical Committee of AMPS defines its mission statement as: To provide AMPS members with clear technical guidance

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  • Manufacturers welcome the supplementing legislation to Stage V engine emission Regulation (EU) 2016/1628 published today

    Industry develops a joint Q&A to provide guidance to machine manufacturers on Stage V requirements Brussels 13th April 2017 – European manufacturers represented by their respective trade associations CECE (construction equipment), CEMA (agricultural machinery), EGMF (garden equipment), EUnited Municipal Equipment (municipal & road operation equipment), FEM (materials handling equipment); EUROMOT (internal combustion engines) and EUROPGEN

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  • Technical Secretary Musings

    So what has your Technical Secretary been engaged in these past few months? Jargon Buster Revising this took a lot of time last year, aided by the stalwarts of the Technical Committee. Firstly, what is Jargon? Jargon: the language, especially the vocabulary, peculiar to a trade, profession, or group. Also Acronym: An abbreviation formed from

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  • International Standard

    At the last technical committee meeting one of our committee members suggested that the committee should advise AMPS Membership that BS EN ISO 8528 part 13 is the only international standard which defines the safety of generating sets. This should not only be taken into account when specifying, designing and constructing generating sets for our

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  • CAPACITY MARKET – Update on DEFRA’s Proposals to Regulate Generators with high NOx emissions

    In view of the fact that pre-qualification for the 2016 Capacity Market opens on August 1st and closes on August 28th 2016, before the anticipated emissions limits consultation in the autumn, any AMPS Members involved in the Capacity Market Auctions should take note of the potential changes to emissions limits. AMPS has received the following from

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  • The British Standards Institute and the Referendum

    The BSI held a live webinar (web seminar) on 8 July focusing on the UK’s future role in developing European Standards. The webinar is available on YouTube There were no surprises, in that BSI are members of CEN and CENELEC and these organisations are partly funded by the EU, but are independent.  BSI intend

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  • Grid Codes and more…

    2015 was a busy year for the Technical Committee with our various working groups contributing to National and European legislators and standards bodies. The updates to RoHS have resulted in a position paper to inform the membership and 2016 sees the twin challenges of trying to gain an exemption for lead in bearings and some

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